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American power and interests of humanity

The people of the United States of America, in fact, have in most cases tried to define their interests extensively to have the defense together with the promotion of the general principles of democracy and liberalism expressed in the Declaration of Independence inclusive.

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American power and interests of humanity This self-image is in fact at odds with the reality, however. The Americans have frequently gone to war against several nations in their history, rarely or not often out of genuine and valid necessity. Philip (p21) says that since the period of the cold war, United States has launched numerous military interventions than all the other nations that are in the bracket of great powers when combined together. Nevertheless, the interventions in Bosnia, Somalia, Haiti and Kosovo were totally wars of choice, and waged for the moral and humanitarian or compassionate ends, not economic or even strategic necessity, just as the realist critics staged some protest during the time. Nonetheless, even the first Gulf war during the year 1991 was a completely war of choice. This is due to ...

... that there is much catastrophe worldwide, but rarely is there a cause for the United States government to make these issues United States problems.

The President promised a change that we can believe in. However, some few areas more need change than America’s tendency of intervening promiscuously about the world. The new slogan of President Obama’s administration should be to withdraw any from unnecessary and avoidable entanglements all around the world.
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Benjamin I.

For the past decades after World War II, USA is being unjustly accused of extreme imperialism. But it is to be noted that while America interfered with the affairs of the little players in politics, it also helped them resuscitate their economy and democracy.

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