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Principles found in a Supply Chain

The paper has discussed on Principles found in a Supply Chain These are the elements that make a supply chain successful if managed well.

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Principles found in a Supply Chain (vertical). There are six main elements found in a supply chain these are, production, supply, inventory, location, information and transportation. These are the elements that make a supply chain successful if managed well. Production (manufacturer), this is the area that focuses on the level of demand specifically what does the customers want, this first stage is the determinant factor that tends to determine the quantity of product to be produced, what specific product is to be produced, and at what factory will the product be manufactured in and if not possible then can the company outsource the manufacturing process to other suppliers. Other vital areas that need to be looked into in the production stage is the volume of goods to be produced, quality of goods and capacity of the goods these decisions should be carried out in significance to customer satisfaction and market demand. To the production line it self the company should ensure maximum operational cost are highly economized and be up to date for instance , operational; decisions such as workload ...

... value will remain constant. The above fore mentioned points increases sales for the manufacturer because he is presented with wide opportunities from which he can choose from through the internet. Again the manufacturer has to market his products well in order for him to be able to catch attention in a field or window that has too many viewers and players to it. (Handfield, Nochols1999)
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Princess R.

The proliferation of supply chains businesses makes it hard for participants in the business to maintain their visibility in the circulation, but with constant application of intelligent planning and its execution, any one can emerge successfully.

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