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Social-Personal Correspondence

This paper discusses the different forms of social-personal correspondence which are generally used by both laymen and businessmen in dealing with their friends, associates or fellow businessmen.

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Table of contents

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Friendly Letter 1
Letter of Appreciation 3
Letter of Congratulations 4
Invitation, Acceptance, etc. 5
Letter of Condolence 7
Letter of Introduction 9
Letter of Apology 12

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The success of a firm depends largely upon the relationship that exists between a firm and its customer, associates and even competitors. Real businesspersons are ones who attend not only to purely formal business matters but also to social matters as well. They believe that by gaining more friends in the business world they are more likely to succeed in their future business ventures. A brief time spent writing invitations, thank-you notes ...

... TIMING. Write the apology letter as soon as possible.
ACTIONS. Rather than focusing on the damage you have caused, write about things you will do to rectify the situation.
BRIEF. Keep your apology letter short and to the point.
SINCERITY. No one wants to read overly dramatic language. Choose your words carefully and express yourself clearly and simply.
TONE. Your apology letter should be considerate and respectful. Remember, you are trying to rebuild a damaged relationship.
BLAIM. Take full responsibility for what you have done.
FOLLOW UP. Try to set up a time when you can apologize in person, then back up your apology with considerate behavior in the future.
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