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Rates and types of intimate violence

The main purpose of this document is to highlighs the diffrent types of intimate violence and the rate of increase.

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Rates and types of intimate violence Intimate partner violence is a serious problem that results to high cost in terms of health care contracted to deal with the after effects of ipv. According to Rennison (1993-2001) this puts weight to the established health care system of a nation and makes it a heavy burden to the society. Theonnes(2000) almost 20% - 65% of all violence experienced by women is from romantic partners and according to Theonnes(2000) more than half the woman exposed to IPV live with children under the ages of twelve. Surprisingly according to Fantuzo and colleagues most women who are at a greater risk of being exposed to IPV and experiencing its brunt are women who are pregnant and those who are raising children. From Gazmarian and colleagues, he says that not only do women suffer negatively but also their unborn child develops some kind of stress. Morland (2008) in our study in the next paragraph we will single out a form of ipv in form of domestic violence that encompasses physical, emotional and sexual abuse all in one before we look at the factors that promote IPV to develop to PTSD. This will enable us to ...

... which include anorexia(the lack of eating food), obesity(the act of over eating), some experience sexual dysfunctional problems such as being frigid.
Research should be taken seriously in order to combat PTSD syndromes this will make therapy treatment to be more effective, pharmacology and medical treatment should also be delegated in the strongest form. This will help victims not to sink into deep alleys of insanity brought about by imbalances of their mental state. In conclusion according to this papers discussion it seems fit to label IPV as a national disaster that needs numerous and vigorous campaigns. This will promote public sensitization on awareness of their rights. The population will be well armed with information regarding their safety in relationships and limits that should be maintained. By doing this it will make partners feel better about themselves thus making them better people who can function well within the relationships and not assuming the roles of being mere parts of the relationships but core members of the relationship.
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