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Terrorism and Politics

Intelligence agencies in the past had failed to consider the role of women in terrorism and the realization that women do participate in terrorism has brought with it new challenges.

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Terrorism and Politics Introduction Terrorism is a threat to humanity since it afflicts innocent civilians and no cause can justify the act of terrorism since it deprives people of their basic rights to life. However, terrorism is mainly a product of political decisions and hence matters pertaining to stopping terrorism are political in nature. Moreover, the ...

... foreign governments. However, the CIA takes the major role in these actions with the rest of the agencies playing a supporting role on the request of the CIA. Disruption involves thwarting the intentions of terrorist by attacking their cells in foreign nations so long as those actions are consistent with the American constitution (Weiner, 2007. 55-100). The use of this strategy has prevented several attacks against American interests. One such plan included the authorization of the CIA by Clinton to hunt Bin Laden in Afghanistan and stop his activities.
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