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Scenario Planning

The management should undertake strategic planning to set pace on where an organization is heading over the coming year or more, and how it plans to get there as well as how it tend to determine whether its there or has achieved the intended purposes.

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Scenario Planning Scenario planning is a technique used for studying in relation to the future by means of comprehending the nature as well as its effect of the mainly tentative and essential driving forces distressing the operations in current world. It is a cluster progression that supports information exchange along with development of joint understanding of key issues essential to the future operations of our business. In the article by Mclean and Egan (2008), ‘‘Applying Organization Development Tools in Scenario Planning’’, they emphasized that the goal of scenario planning is to create a number of swerving stories by extrapolating tentative and greatly manipulative driving forces. The story mutually with the work arriving at the target has the twofold reason of escalating the knowledge of the business setting as well as widening both the receiver's and participant's awareness of likely future proceedings. ...

... losing job related opportunities such as promotion or lack of career growth.
d) Failure to understand why development is being introduced due to poor communication.
e) Perpetual differences between individual employees, managers or work groups.
f) Fear of losing a job or going for further training when a computerization Programme is to be undertaken or major changes are to be introduced through business process re-engineering.
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