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My Aim in Life

Human life is a journey from birth to death. But in between birth and death a man has to decide on an aim in life and try to achieve it.

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My aim having been decided on, I am now in the process of being equipped with all necessary qualifications. So, my present preoccupation is concentrating well on my studies and doing well. Now I am an SSC examinee and hopeful of passing the examination My aim having been ...

... brain’ that works out most difficult sums easily and correctly is another wonder. No less wonderful are the large variety of inventions which we use almost daily. Though we do not kneel down and worship a locomotive train as our ancestors did, yet the very thought of them is to us a thrilling experience.
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Benjamin I.

I admire your faith and conviction to your dream. With sheer determination and confidence, I believe, you would be able to achieve your dream. Being a journalist is a noble goal. I hope you will use your god-given gift to help people and your profession as an instrument to bring about change in the society. Good luck, dude.

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