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Foreign Direct Investment

The paper has discussed on Foreign direct investment which mainly consists of a Multinational corporation operating from a host nation and doing business in other countries.

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Table of contents

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment
Financial Liberalization
Structural Reforms and Foreign Direct Investment
Financial Reforms
Foreign Investment in New Markets
Main Findings

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Foreign Direct Investment Foreign Direct Investment can be said to be the concept in which a company from a foreign nation makes a physical investment in another. This may involve establishing an enterprise such as building a factory. Foreign domestic investment basically involves establishment of an enterprise by a foreign investor in a certain nation. Foreign direct investment is mainly consists of a Multinational corporation operating from a host nation and doing business in other countries. An FDI establishment usually consists of an international business in a parent nation that has foreign affiliates in a number of countries. Control over a foreign affiliate investment is a requirement for an FDI to pass as one. According to the International Monetary Fund, control means the ownership of at least 10% of ordinary shares or voting power of the foreign affiliates. An ownership of less than this percentage means that the investment is referred to as portfolio investment (IMF, 2006). Objectives What are ...

... economies in the world. This can be attributed to the factor that foreign direct investments have introduced various technologies that have been very instrumental in ensuring that the economies have developed very rapidly.
On the other hand some of the developing countries have not been helped by the foreign direct investment and this can be attributed to the fact that these countries have not been implementing structural reforms. One of the most important things to note is that the structural reforms are very important for foreign direct investment in the recipient countries.
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