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Risk Management

The paper is on the risk management which involve identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks .

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Table of contents

Risk identification
Risk prioritization
Risks Contingency plan
Discuss why a key motive for risk management is the identification of opportunities that can change a project base plan.
Speculate why the project completion was very late and the budget went through the roof.
Do you think that the risks were well managed?
How would you have gone in identifying the risks, stakeholders and the contingency plans for high risk areas?
What are the roles and activities of project manager during the life cycle of a project?

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Risk Management  Risk identification The project of developing the tunnel under the English Channel, involve underground and tunneling works. Due to the intrinsic worries, including groundwater conditions and their inconsistencies, it is much cost overrun (economic risk), fatalities and environmental risks during the tunneling. Besides, there is jeopardy to public protests (social risk) distressing the course of ...

... project manager creates risk tracking methods and reporting formats. This report entails entries for the entire statistical information he wants to be collected and record regarding risk management.
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Risk Management


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