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Leadership and Management in Early Childhood – Early Childhood Service

The process of caring is an integral feature in the realm of early childhood education profession. The paper has analyzed on the Leadership and Management in Early Childhood .

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Table of contents

Environmental Scan (Part A)
Center and the Clientele 4
History 4 - 5
Curriculum 5 - 6
Staff 6

Human Resources and Leadership (Part B)
Human environment and social presence 7
Strengths 8
Weakness 8 – 9
Opportunities 9
Threats 9

Administration and Emerging Trends (Part C)
Sales and Marketing 10 - 11
Initial Investment/Capital 11
Revenue Generation vs. Operating Costs 11- 12

Conclusion 13


Preview of the essay: Leadership and Management in Early Childhood – Early Childhood Service

The Caring for Your Children (pseudonyms) center is a child care service provider seeks to foster development on the child while providing support to child rearing and services regarding the associated supervision of the children.

The clientele is of the Caring for Your Children center are the preschool children and the parents of the preschool children that belong to diversified ethnic backgrounds and social status. The center seeks to provide services for all and as a result has a diversified client base. The child care center is located in Bandar Seri Begawan, an affluent and a conservative region of Brunei Darussalam boasting long stretches of beaches and tourist attractions like The Jerudong Park. The surrounding community is a suburban community made up of off affluent families home to a mix of diverse ethnicities and like British, Australian, New Zealander, Chinese and local Malay.
The Care for Your Children was established in 1998 as a small community-run facility catering to the children in the suburban area. Initially the clientele of the facility pertained to 8 children, which over the years has exponentially and steadily ...

... hundreds of millions of laborers with virtually no consumer power, as well as an increasing dependence on overseas export markets.

Additionally, with the rise of free charity-based early childhood centers providing good quality services almost equal to the center’s, such as, well-funded non profit organizations. As these institutions receive grants from international grant agencies, they could easily turn the Caring for Your Child center into an irrelevant and costly service provider; ultimately causing the center to struggle to compete in terms of quality, resources and facilities.
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