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What she thinks and what He thinks of Her

This is a self interpretation of the song phenomenal woman and she's always a woman. Differentiating the difference between the point of view of a woman about herself and a man's point of view about his woman.

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Preview of the essay: What she thinks and what He thinks of Her

What She thinks and What He thinks of Her She is not that beautiful but guys like him so much. She has a charismatic move that a man likes. She ...

... her with who she is because she will insist that she is right and would know everything about her man. But a man would always respect the woman they love.
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Art Studies
Benjamin I.

Two adjectives to describe this essay: romantic and poetic. It seems sentimental but it touches the heart to the deepest core. Thanks for this heartwarming essay.

Princess R.

Men and women are different. men are from Mars; women are from Venus, so goes the line from a book.

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