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Synergy: Unleashing the Potential of the Organization

This essay discusses the importance of synergy in an organization, its implications, including how the organization can create synergy within to help it in achieving its goals.

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Synergy: Unleashing the Potential of the Organization
The key for the success of every strategy is synergy. Needless to say, in an organization, one cannot overemphasize the significance of synergy. Accordingly, it is very important in achieving optimum performance of the group towards achieving the organization’s institutionalized mission and vision. We are committed to a world where I win, you win, and the Earth wins. Win-Win – Win. (Peter A. Corning) With the advent of the 21st century, organizations are being challenged to reconfigure in ways that will make them better able to make them advantage of innovative technologies and be satisfactory ...

... between the organization and its environment. It allows attention to be focused on what needs to be done rather than who has the authority to do it.

2. Improvisation. It means prompt and on – the spot revision of the action to suit the current necessity. This approach facilitates discovery of small mistakes and correlation of them before they become so big as to threaten the whole project.

3. High reliability. Different departments in modern organizations are so interwoven with each other that they rely on each other for successful fulfillment of not only their departmental tasks. Consequently, a small mistake in one department may expand into a whole organizational disaster. High reliability grants all players equal importance.
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