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Options, Futures and Swaps

The paper has talked on Options, Futures and Swaps that are needed to be considered when trying a risk business.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Volatility in capital markets 1
Hedging Instruments 3
Futures 4
Options 6
Swaps 6
Risk reduction 7
Conclusion 8
References 9

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Any business is in a position to be affected by price risks which are systematic. A risk is a possibility to incur a loss in trading that occurs unexpectedly but the effects can be reduced. To ensure success in the financial markets, businesses find away to reduce these risks thus focusing on business opportunities. The use of hedging instruments allows the professionals to achieve set risk management objectives. These include offsetting fluctuations in interest rates ...

... this sector. This is because the financial status of any company is not only dependant on the internal factors. This means that total control cannot just be achieved by controlling factors related to the business only. Factors that are beyond the control of the business such as fluctuations in prices, poor economic performance among others can also affect the business. This may occur suddenly and only companies that are well prepared survive the effects.
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