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Marketing Strategy: Case Study Analysis

The paper has analyzed on a market strategy of a Air bus company which deals with transportation of Europeans from one country or place to another. It came about as a result of a need expressed by the air forces in the European countries for improved transportation.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Air Bus: Background Information 1
Assumptions 2
Problems that Faced Airbus 3
Airbus received complaints 4
Comparison between Boeing and Airbus 5
Strategies Adopted By Airbus 6
Sustainability of the Marketing Strategy 8
The Aerospace 9
Effects on Competition on the Industry 10
The Marketing Strategy 10
Conclusion 11
References 15

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Marketing strategies is a process by which any company or organization tries to fully utilize its limited resources on the opportunities available. The aim of the company or organization is to maximize on profit and other benefits thereby sustaining competitive advantage. The organization directs its attention to the customer requirements to ensure their satisfaction in order to sustain already acquired customers and attract more. All the strategies involved in a business successful are very important to the company. These strategies include pricing, distribution, and promotion. The application of these strategies determines the success of the company because the target market and resource allocation are determined through the marketing strategy. According to Keith ...

... the customers. Those operating the business should thus be optimistic about its success, believe in the services and products, and be passionate about operating the business. Persuading and influencing customers requires good communication skills. The tone, listening skills, facial expressions, eye contact, speech rate and the overall responsiveness determine the impact on customer influence (Herman, 1965). Air bus will succeed in its activities because it has effective business strategies.
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