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Forms of Commercial Correspondence

Business transaction involves constant communication; this essay discusses the different types of commercial correspondence.

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Table of contents

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
The Collection Letter 1
The Credit Letter 5
Letters Ordering Goods    8
The Claim or Complaint Letter 11
The Adjustment Letter 13
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Human relations is a very important facet of management. One lubricant of human relationship is communication. According to Martinez (1983), communication is more than trying to make people understand; it aims at changing people’s behavior, to have them stop something they are doing now, do something they are not now doing, or change the way they are now doing something.

Open communication between the firm/agency and the customers, in particular, is a key to preventing unnecessary losses ...

... If you cannot solve the customer’s problem, then the letter becomes more difficult. In this situation, the letter will have four parts:

1. Attempt to meet the customer on some neutral ground. Consider an expression of regret but not an apology. Perhaps, even thanking the customer for bringing it to your attention.

2. Explain why your company is not at fault. Explain the steps that led to the dissatisfaction clearly and concisely.

3. Clearly state that your company is denying thr request, and supply the reasons in the letter for this denial. Make this statement at the end because if it is at the beginning, the customer may not finish the letter.
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