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Obesity in Australian Children

Obesity in children is becoming a major phenomenon in most nations.This paper has has mainly looked obesity in Australia where it is increasingly rapidly..

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Obesity in Australian Children Introduction Obese is a medical situation in which one has more weight as compared to the correlation with the height. Body mass index BMI is the main technique used to determine whether an individual is obese or not. Obesity in children is becoming a major phenomenon in most nations including Australia. In children, one is determined to be obese or not by measuring the amount fat in the body or by using the body mass index. If about or more ...

... organization also formed the parents’ jury which is an online program in which parents comment. Parents usually comment on the issues like children’ food improvement, advocate for stocking of healthy foods in schools canteens and physical activities friendly environments. This organization also holds annual Children's Food Marketing Fame & Shame Award. The main objective for this is to outline the best and the worst food marketing strategies in Australia (OPI, 2009).
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