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Outsourcing and Off Shoring

The world of business is becoming very competitive as time unwinds. Many organizations are willing to maintain and attract new customers. This is demanding for provision of high quality service. Since each organization and business entity is trying its best to produce the best, there is a lot of competition. However, some of these organizations are adapting measures to make sure that they remain to be the best. Outsourcing and off shoring are some of the common practices that most companies and organizations are adapting to ensure this.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Statement 2
Outsourcing 3
Off shoring 4
Why Outsourcing and Offshoring are Popular 5
Off shoring by Telstra 8
Effects of Offshoring on employees 11
Labor intensive work (Off shoring) 12
Conclusion 12
References 13

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Outsourcing is a situation where an organization hires an expert or a professional to perform a certain job or task. Since there is variation in economic growth and development, some nations develop faster than others meaning that they have more experts and professionals. Some organizations can hire experts and professionals from other nations in what is commonly known as off shoring. These two factors are important in the realization of dreams of any given organization. Emerging markets are now able to compete with the industrialized markets because they are able to provide cheap skills and labor. More to that, nations like China and India are almost self sufficient as they have numerous natural resources. This has made their experts to be outsourced and off shored as a result.
In the 21st century, globalization effects and impacts are being felt and experienced all over. There are factors that are shaping today’s world in a totally different way for instance in the telecommunications sectors. Internets, global optic cable ...

... other things and creativity. Off shoring is the solution to these kinds of jobs as it makes an organization’s schedule to be flexible. By this the organization can be able to focus on other organizational businesses. Also, innovativeness becomes prominent in organizations which have off shored their labor intensive jobs.
Outsourcing and off shoring are two factors that have brought changes in the business sector. The two have ensured production of high quality goods and services and relatively low costs. Their effects have been very important in the commodification of the business sector. Competition and innovation are some of the most important aspects that the two factors have played a pivotal role in. however, outsourcing and off shoring effects should be considered in large scale and in future. That is their possible effects and impacts should be considered before some of us can get to a point of no return.
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Princess R.

This essay is so insightful. I recommend this highly to business people. This is my first time I guess so to have read a distinct difference between outsourcing and offshoring.

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