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Interest Based negotiation

This paper is going to discuss the issue of interest based negotiation and how effectively it applied in law. It is a strategy that focuses on the understanding and building on the interests as well as using problem solving tools in order to avoid positional conflicts. . It is important for an attorney to be skilled in interest based negotiation when participating in the collaborative process for him to be able to meet the needs of the client. This form of negotiation is very important because it produces very satisfactory results for all disputing parties. Integrative negotiation focuses on the real interests and needs of the disputing parties while distributive negotiation focuses on the resources, positions and what each party wants. One of the biggest advantages of interest based negotiations that it allows for creative solutions for solving the problems at hand. The available solutions are limitless depending on the interests and needs identified by each party. In interest based negotiation, power and influence are very important factors that influence heavily on the course of negotiation.

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Table of contents

Background of interest based negotiation
Steps in interest based negotiation
Key components of interest based negotiation
Steps towards successful negotiations
Application of interest based negotiation
Principles of interest base negotiation
Negotiation process
Advantages of interest based negotiation
Importance of interest based negotiation

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Interest Based negotiation Introduction Interest based negotiation also referred to as integrative bargaining or win-win bargaining is a negotiation process whereby all parties involved collaborate in order to achieve a win-win solution to their problem. The strategy aims at developing agreements that are mutually beneficial based on the interests of the participants. These interests may include concerns, needs, fears, desires that are important to each party. These interests are the main underlying reasons why parties get involved in conflicts. Negotiation can be defined as a discussion between two or more parties in order to work out a solution to their dispute. Negotiations are the quickest, easiest and least expensive form of resolving a conflict if both parties are willing to make arrangements to reach a solution, however, if the parties are not willing to do so then the process will fail. It means being able to bargain so as to try and reach a settlement directly with the other party. It is the most common way of solving conflicts. Parties involved discuss ...

... alternatives on the table. The attorney should tell both parties before reaching an agreement what the other alternative would be if no agreement is reached. Interest based negotiations focuses on fulfilling as many interest and needs as possible for all the participating parties. It is described as a problem solving process that is used to achieve integrative solution rather than a process of compromise. All the participating parties will end up with a Win-Win situation. It is a Joint Problem Solving process because the parties assist each other in solving the dispute. All the parties participate in coming up with ideas and options for solutions. Mutual Trust is built among the parties
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