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The importance of tourism business

Events tourism business involves exploration of social and cultural events of a place by converting these attributes into a formal attraction like other traditionally known tourist attraction sites. This paper has discussed the importance of business tourism.

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Current Global Financial Crisis impact on the Australian economy and the Tourism & Hospitality Industry
Events within the Australian Tourism & Hospitality Industry
The role of the Events Industry as an economic driver of jobs
Importance of favorable policy and financial assistance outcomes

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The importance of tourism business Introduction The world trade organization defines tourism as the travel away from one’s usual environment for a cumulative period that does not exceed one year. Traditional tourism sub-sectors are transportation, natural and built attractions, accommodation and intermediaries which refer to wholesale tour operators. Tourism has been benefited the regional development programs since the foreign currency derived from it is used to support new and on- going projects. The state has also tremendously benefited from it with regard to boosting Gross Domestic product earnings and offering securities in as far as collateral is concerned (Beech & Chadwick 2006, p. 68). An emerging concept like eco-tourism ...

... would be used to identify priority focus areas. A practical example in this case is the Australian Government’s Business Ready Projects with regard to Indigenous Tourism. The Government could for instance consider setting up bond securities for event tourism businesses by providing a platform on which citizens can invest in market shares of the same.

There is massive potential in the events tourism business that is available in Australia. This could be used as a stimulus to restore losses in economic gain currently being experienced in the Australian economy due to the Global Financial crisis.
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