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Don Quixote in Cervantes' Point of View

This essay explore and analyzes the Spanish novel Don Quixote in the perspectives of Miguel de Cervantes, the famous author of the novel.

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Preview of the essay: Don Quixote in Cervantes' Point of View

Don Quixote in Cervantes’ Point of View Miguel de Cervantes is certainly one of the best writers that have come out not only in Spain, but of entire Europe. His famous novel Don Quixote (still being disputed if the same can be considered a novel in the strictest perspective) had left an indelible mark in the world of literature and had created a literary genre that is to be the model for ...

... the novel ends, the author expressed in grand and sublime expression his fixated purpose to awaken the readers and lead them to intellectual realization (as Don Quixote did) of the foolishness of being obsessed to books of chivalry. Thus ended, the novel far accomplished its goal through the melancholic and sorrowful end of Don Quixote, who after having realized his foolishness and vaingloriousness, ultimately released himself free from the troubles of the world.
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