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Globalization has been talk about by many peoples, media, journals, magazines and books thought the past few years. What is the advantages and disadvantages og globalization? What is the impact of it towards national / global economy growth? How does the process of globalization begin? This article critically analyse all the above issues and comment the impact of globalization towards national as well as global economy.

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Globalization – A Historical Perspective 4
3.0 Modern Globalization 6
3.1  Drivers of Modern Globalization 7
3.1.1 Government Drivers 7
3.1.2 Market Drivers 7
3.1.3 Competitiveness and Cost Drivers 8
4.0 Measuring Globalization 10
5.0 Who are the Pro Globalizations? Who are anti globalizations? 11
5.1  Supporters of Globalization (Pro Globalization) 11
5.2  Pro-globalization (globalism) 12
6.0 Organizations Supporting Globalizations 13
7.0 People and Organizations against Globalization 16
8.0 Is Globalization A Blessing or A Curse? 19
9.0 Effects of Technological Developments and Information Technologies on Globalization Process 21
10.0 Discussion 24
11.0 Conclusion 26
Reference 27

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Question 12
Is globalization a curse or a blessing? Critically examine the merits & demerits of globalization in the context of strategic management? Support your argument with relevant examples.

1.0 Introduction
Many peoples see globalization as being in the best thing for all parties involved, while others believe that increasing modern trade and global economic relations is harmful in many ways. Some examples of how globalization affects us today are increases in international trade, use of the internet and telecommunications throughout the world, exportation of movies from both Hollywood and Bollywood, increases in immigration, including illegal immigration, establishment of global financial systems, increasing international travel and tourism, and even terrorism. Globalization can be defined in many ways. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has given a general definition for globalization as an expansion of global linkages, organization of social life on global scale, and growth of global consciousness, therefore a consolidation of world society. International Chamber of Commerce ...

... conclusion that globalization has caused this inequality.
Furthermore, greater exposure to international markets will definitely encourage companies to develop new techniques and product innovation. As these technologies advances spread throughout the economy, national productivity rises along with income level. Advances in communication, information technology and transport have created global markets in a wide range of goods and services. Global trade and investment flows mean that individual countries can no longer cut themselves off from the international marketplace. Therefore, it is time for us to plan and put forward the bargain and the gain in the process of globalization. It is also vital to have a well-designed global strategy that can help a firm to gain competitive advantage in the aspects of efficiency, strategies, risk management, better learning opportunities and the brand name identification.
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