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A cause for blanching.

The stories protagonist of the cult subjected book "Writing" Hypothesizes: About the lead characters theory on why she and her organized group of female co hearts so stringently propose the abstinence of balding men.

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Preview of the essay: A cause for blanching.

The stories protagonist of the cult subjicated book "Writing" Hypothesizes: Hummmmmm, I believe that these unworthy gross guys will inevitably experience hair loss when they tend to be dirty and have greasy skin and hair. Now, women tend to be much too nice to these balding men. And, believe me when I state, these power ...

... moist environment that the mites love and that the mites prosper in. how hilarious of a joke on the stupid bald guy. Well, everyone does like to laugh at a bald guy, right. Oh yes, it been a great funny, greasy-headed, "hate the bald guy" conspiracy. Now go on, smell your heads you balding, stupid little piggies.
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Art Studies
Benjamin I.

Light, gentle and breezy. Your writing style is similar to a conversational approach in speaking. It is delightful to read a work as this!

Princess R.

This essay seem unorganized in structure. It will need more reorganization both in content and style.

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