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Corporate Strategy

The paper has analyzed on the corporate strategy of JSC Katavsky Cement company which is based in Russia.

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Introduction 1
Analysis of the JSC Katavsky’s internal environment 1
Company policies 2
Organisational structure 3
Company resources 3
Leadership styles 5
Competitors 6
Organisational culture at JSC Katavsky and how it impacts on organisational performance 6
Combined analysis of the strengths and weaknesses 8
Conclusion 9

Anteprima della tesi: Corporate Strategy

The paper is a company analysis of JSC Katavsky Cement. This is an organisation based in Russia. It was started in 1915 as a simple production centre that later became a research entity in the sixties. In essence, the company prepares cement on commission. It also engages in the manufacture of chalk, fertilizer and clinker. Besides these, it carries out a range of services such as construction and mediation and processing for the Russian Federation.
JSC Cement is one of the most influential Cement companies in the region. In fact, it produced 2.6 million tons of cement in the year 2006. The company is in a path of continuous growth since it boosted production by 13% ...

... good reputation through its many years of production. Also the quality of their products is very high thus explaining why it has received several awards. It has high volume outputs; this is why it is doing relatively well in financial markets.
Some of its major weaknesses include its lack of new cement manufacturing technologies, lack of cost saving techniques, lack of environmental schemes and lack of effective personnel.
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