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Definition of True Heroes

Should heroes be defined as people who say what they think when we ourselves lack the courage to say them? This essay is about three people who are now termed as icons of democracy after they fought with rosaries and pen and paper rather than with muskets and arms and swords.

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Table of contents

I. Introduction of thesis statement and the three people

II. Topic about Benigno Aquino and his wife, Corazon Aquino.

III. Topic about Dr. Jose P. Rizal

IV. Conlusion

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I agree with defining heroes as people who are not afraid to be vocal with their beliefs when we, ourselves, lack the courage to say them. Senator Benigno Aquino ...

... their selflessness in devoting their lives for a sole reason, they succeeded in freeing the people and what is more, they were honoured for what they did without asking to be.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

An interesting piece of history, of tale of martyrdom and of self-sacrifice for the interest of the greatest number of people. That's what true leadership is all about.

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