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The art of crime writing

conflicting perspectives essay for year 12 module concerning ted highes and three related texts. i recieved a good mark for this essay and this is why it is suitable for any year 12 student completing this module. the related texts yellow brick road by eminem thankyou for smoking the movie and others they will be very useful with summarised links through techniques and conventions evinced throughout the piece

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“At the heart of representation are only acts of deliberate selection and emphasis” Do the texts you have studied demonstrate this in relation to ‘conflicting perspectives’? The book of poems, Birthday Letters (1998) composed by renowned author Ted Hughes embodies an exuberant and public attempt to convey his conflicting perspective over his controversial relationship with his ex-wife, Sylvia Plath and the circumstances surrounding her death. Birthday Letters ...

... is evident through analysis of The Shot, Fullbright Scholars and The Minotaur that the act of representation relies solely on the selective presentation and emphasis of certain facets of a topic or in that case of Ted Hughes, Sylvia Plath. Conversely, it can be seen through the criticism of Hughes that an alternative presentation or emphasis can successfully present an opposing view of the subject.
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Princess R.

Topsy-turvy and lacks organization. A revision will make this essay better.

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