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Critical Study of Text – Hamlet

To what extent has your personal response to Hamlet been shaped by the enduring power of Shakespeare’s characterisation of Hamlet?

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Procrastination, hesitation, indecision and reluctance: thy name is Hamlet. Still, the characterisation of Hamlet is justifiable in the context Shakespeare creates in his “play within a play” of the same name. The shaping of one’s personal response to Hamlet includes, but is not limited to the enduring power of Shakespeare’s characterisation of Hamlet. Hamlet can be ...

... the pure sake of justice.… From that dilemma of wrong feelings and right actions, he ultimately emerges, solving the problem by attaining a proper state of mind.” Hamlet endures as the object of universal identification because his central moral dilemma makes him a man for all ages.
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Humanistic Studies
eleanor g.

"Hamlet" is considered, by some, to be Shakespeare's best work. I've read it. I've watched it played on a stage.

This characterization is as deep as it can be.

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