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The is about rural tourism in France. It has discussed on how tourism has contributed to diversifying the local economy and improving the dynamism of the territory.

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TOURISM IN FRENCH 1.1 Introduction While tourism becomes every year more important for national and local economies, the sector is facing some changes in comparison with its beginning. Mass tourism, for example, even if it keeps attracting a great amount of people and generating important revenues, is not the most attractive kind of tourism anymore. Factors such as decrease of working time, urbanisation and development of communication means give the opportunity for other kinds of tourism to develop. These factors, mixed with the willing to find means to help rural areas to get out of crisis, mark the beginning of rural tourism. People coming from the cities want to escape from their stressing daily life and to enjoy during their holidays a peaceful and good quality environment. The countryside tries to capture these customers that can contribute to diversifying the local economy and improving the dynamism of the territory. Every agent at local and even national level says that tourism can be used as a tool for development in rural disadvantaged areas. Haute-Corrèze is a rural territory located in the region Limousin, in the western part of Massif Central. It is suffering demographic and econo mic problems. A process ...

... potential of a territory is not so easy to evaluate. It consists of an
evaluation of the territory resources, of the supply and the demand sides to see if they
match and of the organisation of tourism on the territory. It is also important to take
into account external data such as the trends and possible opportunities and threats
that could affect tourism on the area. Secondary data about the territory are analysed
in order to make a SWOT analysis about the tourism potential of the territory in
terms of resources and demand. A methodology is proposed by LEADER II
proposes a scheme that shows all what has to be studied to make a diagnosis of
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