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Virtual Network Structure

This paper is a discussion about virtual network structure which refers to the coordination mechanism within an organization, this is very vital as it ensures proper management and organization performance assessment.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
European Center for Space Law 4
Benefits of Virtual Network Structure 6
Conclusion 10
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Virtual Network Structure Introduction The Virtual Network Structure involves coordination that takes place in an organization. It involves the Network Coordinator who is responsible for the overall management in an organization, including the day to day coordination of the ties in the company, Network Steering Committee which consists of the Network Coordinator, Sector Leaders and the Network Principal Contractors who decides on the high level management issues and assessment of organizational milestones in the company. The other sector which Network structure involves is the Steering Committee, here this committee meets biannually to monitor the progress made by the organization and to organize the network activities. The Administration Team is also one of the network structures and it involves areas covered by OSNET. The Network is divided in 6 thematic sectors so as to achieve better results for an in-depth focus on problems in each sector. A Sector Leader is always appointed among the Principal Contractors so that they can be responsible in coordinating and reporting each Sector to the steering. The ...

... included. There are some personal factors present like personal values and needs. These are some major factors which should be observed by the management. Then there come sources of conflict which includes diversity of functions, it means that every member of team Posses a specific area of experience but he interferes in the function of other team members. Important thing for an organization is to set an aim for which the team is organized. If the team is established without any base then members would have nothing to coordinate with each other in the network structure.
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