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Emerging Phenomenon Of Gated Communities

The attempt of this paper is to examine the particular history and current social climate of multiculturalism and housing in England, and study the ways that these ideas have interacted with the growing popularity of gated communities.

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Emerging Phenomenon Of Gated Communities The gated community Before a comprehensive study of the social impact of gated communities can be completed, it is imperative to clarify exactly what is meant by a gated community, as it is essentially a slightly confusing concept. A gated community is a grouping of many houses within a locked gate, which may include armed guards or video surveillance in order to keep unauthorised people outside of the fence. Quite often, the gated community may include shops or schools, as well as service and entertainment opportunities. These amenities are clearly created with the idea of members leaving the gated community as little as is possible by meeting as many lifestyle needs as possible inside the gates. In addition, many gated communities create their own (usually minor) laws and legislation that allow them to exist semi-autonomously from the larger society (Atkinson et al, 2004, pp 19). Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the gated community, however, is that quite often the residents inside the wall adhere to a set of social and behavioural standards that monitors their behaviour, which is often recorded officially and signed by members of the gated ...

... economic and social differences, and it is the strong belief of this study that gated communities not only would be ineffective in changing these cultural tenants, they actually encourage it. Therefore, a housing model built on the concepts of cultural and economic exchange and diversification would not only adhere to the cultural goals put forth by the English government, they would create stronger and more effective communities, even within large cities.
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