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Procedures involved in construction of an industry.

The paper has discussed the general procedure that is followed when starting a new industry. In this case the procedure has been divided into three sections.

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Table of contents

1.0. Introduction 3
2.0. SECTION A 3
2.1. Opportunities in the construction industry 4
2.2. Essential documents in company registration 4
2.2.1. Memorandum of Association 4
2.2.2. Article of Association 8
2.2.3. Directors Declaration 15
3.0. SECTION B 17
3.1. Economic responsibility in the industry 17
3.2. Three mutually exclusive projects 20
3.3. Ethical considerations in project appraisal 21
3.4. Steps involved in the investment decision 21
3.5. Importance of investment decision 24
3.6. Cash flows calculations for projects 27

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Procedures involved in construction of an industry. Introduction The building industry is classified into three main sections. The construction of building sector which comprises contractors typically identified as general contractors-who construct residential houses, manufacturing as well as business buildings among others. Heavy and civil engineering contractors put up sewers, roads, highways, bridges and tunnels in addition to other projects. Specialty business contractors execute specific activities connected to construction for example carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical work. Construction is generally undertaken or harmonized by all-purpose contractors, who dedicate themselves to one category of construction like living houses or business buildings. Even though universal contractors might do a section of the toil in the company of their own crews, sometimes they subcontract majority of the building activities to heavy construction or specialty business contractors (Marcouse 1999, p.33). Specialty contractors generally specialize with only one construction activity, like painting, carpentry and electrical work. They take instructions for their work from general contractors, architects or property owners. Opportunity in the construction industry that can be addressed with civil engineering infrastructure projects or programmes There are so many opportunities in the construction industry that can be addressed with ...

... the procedure of evaluating as well as comparing of at least two project options so as to help in determining the best choice. The option or positioning standard could either be economic, social or environmental (Rogers 2001, p.12). It involves those decisions where a given company intends to undertake certain investments for those purposes of meeting/attaining the objectives of the company (shareholders wealth). Any business will invest its finance for the sake of deriving a return which is useful for the following main reasons;-
i) To reward shareholders/owners of the business for staking there money, and by foregoing there current purchasing power in favor of current and future returns.
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