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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT -low morale of a staff

This essay is set assess the factors that have contributed to the low morale among the staff in a case study stated in the essay. In order to provide better results and proper management of a good staff these factors should be taken seriously and adopted so as to avoid any forthcoming problems. This essay provides a very important tool especially to students pursuing studies in Human resources and management.

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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ASSESSMENT OF FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO LOW STAFF MORALE - A CASE STUDY OF LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE OF KENYA CHAPTER 1 1. Background of study. Leadership Institute of Kenya (LIKA) is a Professional Based Institute of higher learning providing leadership development consultancy and training to individuals, institutions, companies, organizations, associations, and governmental agencies in Kenya and Africa. Since 2005, Dr. Gershon Mwiti, Leadership Consultant and CEO, LIKA has lead dynamic LIKA team in offering world-class leadership knowledge, skills and competencies. 1.2 Statement of the problem Assessment of factors affecting ...

... that task ? 6.Are you proud to be a member of this organization? 7.Is your remuneration package according to qualifications just and fair? 8.Do you experience delayed wage payments? 9. Do you feel innovative thinking or “outside the box” thinking is encouraged and rewarded? 10. Are there enough recognition programs for recognizing outstanding accomplishments on the part of employees?
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Human Resources
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The low morale of workers is a result of several causes. Management should be able to provide some measures to heighten the morale of its workers.

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