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This essay is based on analyzing chemicals so as to comer up with the explanation that is scientific and evidence based.Dietary mineral refers to inorganic compounds necessary for life and good nutrition. Types of dietary minerals are macrominerals and microminerals.All these details have been discussed here.

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Preview of the essay: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY

CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background In the past years and even today most people are faced with food insecurity due to rise in cost of living. In relation to these people have developed poor eating habits like feeding so as not to sleep hungry failing to try and eat a balanced diet. In many parts of the world, citrus fruits have been part of the human diet for many years. In recent times, citrus fruits have assumed greater importance in diets of both rural and urban dwellers. The increased interest in the consumption of citrus fruits is not only due to their sweet refreshing properties but also as a result of their medicinal and nutritional values. Citrus fruits and citrus juices have several beneficial health and nutritive properties. They are rich in ascorbic ...

... the levels of potassium were found to be abundant in the three fruit parts and could readily meet the recommended dietary allowances. Appreciable amounts of sodium were also obtained. The peels of the three citrus fruits indicated more amounts of mineral elements than the seeds and pulp thus are highly recommended for consumption as good sources of mineral elements. 5.2 Recommendations i. Other types of citrus fruits should be analysed to determine the levels of mineral elements in them. ii. Other parts of the plant from which the fruits are obtained like leaves, roots or bark should be studied. iii. These levels vary from region to region hence other areas should be exploited.
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