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Crime Fiction

One view is that “The appeal of crime fiction is in its teasing out of order from disorder.” What do you see as the grounds for the enduring popularity of crime fiction? In your answer, refer to two of your prescribed texts as well as at least one text of your own choosing.

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Preview of the essay: Crime Fiction

And so it must be seen that the unique crime fiction genre derives its individuality and popularity from its patchwork past, from its humble beginnings demonstrated in Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective series; to a shift into the hardboiled sub-genre found in Raymond Chandler’s famous novel and subsequent film adaptation by Howard Hawks, The Big Sleep; and finally its development into the modern era of forensic crime, symbolised by Michael Ondaatje in his award-winning composition Anil’s Ghost. It is plain to see that the crime fiction genre has undergone radical transformations since its inception however these changes cannot solely be accountable for the genres enduring popularity. ...

... transported into the fictional world that has so engrossed them. Therefore it is the ultimate mystery not the resolution of crime fiction texts that can be held accountable for the genres continued popularity.

“The appeal of crime fiction is in its teasing out of order from disorder.” In conclusion this statement is precisely true, however to account for the continued popularity of the crime fiction genre one need use this explanation in tandem with other reasons. Most importantly though it is not the nature of the texts themselves which account for the continued popularity of the genre but rather the common human fascination with the unknown that will forever cement crime fiction into the pages of our minds.
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