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Its not easy for the environmental information to reach the kenyan people in whole this makes it difficult to enhance environmental development, some of those problemsthat have made it difficult to promote this education have been highlighted clearly in this essay.

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ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION TO KENYAN CITIZENS ON ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS HAS NOT BEEN FOLLOWED BY CORRESPONDING POSSITIVE ACTION BY THE RECIPIENTS. DISCUSS THE POSSIBLE CAUSATIVE FACTORS THAT LED TO THIS SCENE. INTRODUCTION . It’s true that Environmental Information to Kenyan citizens on environmental problems has not been followed by corresponding positive action; this has been caused by a number of factors that are discussed as follows; 1. POVERTY Poverty is the state of not being to meet ones basic needs. Research has shown that most of Kenyan citizens live below the national poverty line this means that they earn less than one us dollar per day. This cannot be enough for their daily survival because most have large families ...

... good will in Kenya then the case would have been different. This is because at the end of the day it is the people in the top government offices to take the lead and then the rest should follow. Corruption and political interference are the major causes of the fact that environment in Kenya is degraded. The government has a major role to play in implementing environmental education, laws and policies and fining those degrading the environment. if the government Is able to address these kind of issues, Kenyans would be keen as to take environmental issues addressed seriously.
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