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This essay is about the role the kenya natioal parks are playing towards the promotion of tourism industry,the challanges they face and what has been done to reduce the challanges that they are facing. Its a great essay as it grants quick information especially to the students pursuing a course in tourism.

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Preview of the essay: THE KENYA NATIONAL PARKS

AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK. Amboseli national park was gazetted in 1974. Amboseli is Maasai for a place under water. The park covers 392 sq km of the greater 3000sq km Amboseli ecosystem its. Around it are 6 community owned ranches. The climate in this area is hot and dry. The major attractions are Mt Kilimanjaro, Maasai culture, wildlife etc. CHALLENGES FACING AMBOSELI. 1. Underdeveloped infrastructure. Despite it being a well known national park the roads that lead to the park are poorly developed. This makes it less appealing as compared to other parks whose roads are well developed. 2. Global warming has led to scanty vegetation in the park. This has made animals move out of the park to look for better habitat. 3. The adverse climatic conditions of the area are harsh to the tourists that visit the area. 4. Because of the number of elephants that inhabit the park. They have caused adverse destruction to the vegetation and this poses a threat to the future of the park. 5. Poaching .due to poaching most animals those moves around the ecosystem hardly survive the poachers’ snare. 6. Because of lack of ...

... 5. Educating locals on importance of tourism. This will ensure conservation of the environment. 6. Provision of litterbins in the park to stop littering of the park by tourists. 7. Complete fencing of the park to reduce human wildlife conflicts leaving a migratory corridor that should not have human settlement around it. 8. Heavy penalty for those that do not observe park rules and regulations. This will reduce disturbance of wildlife and ensure conservation of their natural environment. 9. Encourage establishment of community based tourism projects to help the locals earn revenue from tourism. 10. Intensify marketing programs to realize high inflow of tourists to the area. Conclusion. Tsavo west national park is famous for its lions which are referred to as the man eaters of tsavo. But the potential of the park has not been maximized as it has wonderful features therefore marketing strategies should be changed to ensure the potential tourists are made aware of the wonderful experience that the park offers.
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