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Information Technology Service Management and Business Success

The aim of this paper is to determine how well Prometric manage its IT services so as to retain a competitive edge that will guarantee business success in a competitive market.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Outline of the Project Environment 1
Problem to be solved and Indication of Solution 3
Relevance of Strategic Business IT 4
Aim and Objectives 5
Research Question 6
Study Approach 7
1. Literature Review 10
References: 13

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IT service management is the use of tools, plans and methods intended to modernize, strengthen, and coordinate computer applications in business activities. It is a high-performance mechanism capable of attaining enterprise level integration and improved relationships between the company and the customers ( IT service management can also be defined as a process through which different applications are brought to work together in a system. Information Technology service management consists in introducing better or more sophisticated software so as to enhance effectiveness and efficiency of an IT System. Whatever the architecture of the Information Technology system management introduced, there is need to understand its impact on applications, data ...

... is understood, Managing IT System management as a concept or function is then considered. The literature review materials are analyzed giving more of the attention to management of IT services. However, other factors such as how to build a competitive advantage or business niche are also discussed. This informs the research as to whether proper IT service management is a sure way of creating a competitive advantage. To help understand the relationship between the testing bodies and Prometric, theories that inform strategic alliances are discussed and analyzed (Alan and John, 1999). Such topics may include but not limited to the agency theory and the power dependency theory.
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Information Technologies
Princess R.

This work was able to provide the readers a bird's eye view on the importance of iCT in business.

The writer's approach is personal but it lacks finesse in writing.

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