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This is a complete proposal of a plan that is to be implemented and help people of to acces clen borehole water. It has followed the best format of writting proposals and will be a great opener for poepl who want to provide aid to African countries.

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Preview of the essay: WATER PROJECT PROPOSAL

PROJECT PROPOSAL. MAIUNI-MASEWANI WATER PROJECT. 1. Introduction 1. Background This project is based on a recent community baseline survey in the project area. The project is part of a wide range of development initiatives the community has prioritized, in Maiuni and Masewani. A representative community leadership group exists that provides guidance to the development process. The local government structure in the locality supports the development initiatives. From the time a baseline survey was completed the community has mobilized local resources with a view to addressing the need for water. As a result they have paid for the hydrological survey of two water sources and the permit fee for drilling the first phase of the water project. A permit was issued to them on August 1, precisely one year to the date when the baseline survey was completed. Apart from water the issue of savings to build capital for business and credit has been another aspect the community has delved into. As a result, Africa share, a micro-finance and enterprise agency is working with two groups and hopes to scale up this aspect. The motivation the community has is recorded ...

... will be sunk at Maiuni near Muisuni primary school and in accordance with the hydro-geological report ref: WRMA/ACB/886/12. RISING MAIN This is from the borehole to a high level tank on elevation 1680 meters above sea level where the reservoir number 1 will be constructed on elevation 1700 meters above sea level. SUPPLY LINES Reservoir number 1 1. Water supply line number 1 – 6, and 12 will deliver water from reservoir number 1 to the consumers. 2. The geographical formation is such that the supply lines cannot loop because the area is heavily inhabited and each supply line is serving consumer’s throughout its entire length. Reservoir number 2 This will be constructed at an appropriate elevation of 1660 meters above sea level. This reservoir will be fed from reservoir number 1. The distance between the two reservoirs is 1642 meters. DISTRIBUTION LINES From reservoir number 2 distribution pipe numbers 7 – 11 will deliver water to consumers. PIPELINES LENGTH The lengths of all the lines are shown in the attached sheet, “Maiuni – Masewani water project proposed water lines”.
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