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This paper discusses issues of globalization especially at international levels whereby it analyses the general organizations corporate management, knowledge management, environmental management, Quality, Cost efficiency and competitiveness in Operations, Brand Development and Strategic Expansion, Social, or Ethical Responsibilities in their Operations e.t.c

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 3
1.1 Globalization and the Growth in International Markets 3
2.0 Literature Review 4
2.1 Environment Management and issues relating to legal requirements 4
2.2 Social, or Ethical Responsibilities in their Operations 5
2.3 Technology such as Information Technology in the operations decision areas 7
2.4 Knowledge Management and its roll in Operations 8
2.5 Quality, Cost efficiency and competitiveness in Operations 10
2.6 Performance measurement to satisfy various stakeholder groups 11
2.7 Increasing productivity and measuring customer service 12
2.8 Increasing the service value concept and understanding what customers value 13
2.9 Performance and productivity measures and the need for a performance measurement framework that will include all staff and all activities 14
3.0 The Case of Newell /Rubbermaid 16
3.1 Brand Development and Strategic Expansion 17
3.2 Other Notable Attributes 18
3.3 Shortcomings in Strategy 21
4.0 Conclusion 22
4.1 Comparison of theory 22
4.2 Recommendations 22
4.3 Learning points summary and short personal reflection 24
5.0 Bibliography 25

Preview of the essay: GLOBALIZATION

Globalization refers to the process through which the people of the world are put together within a single society and work collectively. In most cases, globalization is used to refer to economic globalization which basically involves the incorporation of the national economies such as Newell Rubbermaid into international economy through foreign direct investment, the flow of capital, trade and the spread of technology. Newell Rubbermaid is a multinational corporation which is based in countries such as U.S. and UK. This kind of process is usually driven by the grouping of technological, economic, political and biological aspects ...

... production units and machinery. In all its approaches, it should be able to take note of the changes that are always occurring in the competitive markets. It should also try to identify and fully utilize the existing competitive advantages that the company exhibits and also the core competencies that have so far been noted. Lastly, the company ought to as much as possible weigh the potentials and relative weaknesses and strengths of the competitors in order to find ways of raising its market share to surpass what has so far been attained.
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