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Cypress Semiconductors Corporation

This essay is an analysis of the Cypress semiconductors corporation whereby it looks at the management of the corporation towards its success through a close review of T.J. Rogers who is the manager.

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CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTORS CORPORATION Managers perform various roles in the organization and the way they handle different situations depend on their style of management. The style of management refers to the overall role of leadership used by the manager. I can describe the management style of T. J. Rogers as both an Autocratic and paternalistic manager. He is an autocrat manager because at some instances he seems make all decisions unilaterally. The decisions he makes are final and any of the subordinate staff who goes against his wishes never succeeds. Rogers developed a hiring procedure which he believes contributes a great deal to the success of the company. He calls for the managers within the company to follow scrupulously both the recruitment and selection style he has come up. There is no single manager who has the authority to bring in any new personnel without strictly following the procedure suggested by Rogers. T.J. Rogers is ...

... stock is that it makes the employee to think and act as like the owner. This mode of motivation should be adopted by T. J. Rogers. As a manager, Rogers is supposed to exhibit a high level of conduct. Acts such as pounding on the table and demanding some of issues that are not possible should never take place. Everyone efforts within the company need to be appreciated so that they feel encouraged working hard towards attaining the set goals and objectives. No one should referred to as an idiot. Employees need utmost respect and through that, a conducive environment necessary for the running of activities within the company is attained.
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