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Art and Computer Programming

The paper try to figure out the connection between art and programing from wide scope look. It tries to answer the question: Is Programming Art?

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Art and hand-waving are two things that a lot of people consider to go very well together. Art and computer programming, less so. Is Programming Art? What the heck is art anyway, at least as most people understand it? What do people mean when they say "art"? A straw poll showed a fair degree of consensus--art is craft plus a special degree of inspiration. This pretty much explains immediately why only art students ...

... the early computer game Elite, made by a team of two, which extended the whole idea of games both graphically and in game play. There are the first spreadsheets VisiCalc and Lotus 1-2-3 for the elegance of the first concept even if you didn't want to use one. Even though I don't use it anymore, the C language is artistic for the elegance of its basic building blocks, which can be assembled to do almost anything.
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Benjamin I.

If you were asking what an art is? It is simply the act of doing things. Programming, if you are to ask me, is not just an art but a science since involves not only knowledge but execution of this knowledge...interesting discussion though...

Gisele C.

I agree with Benjamin I. Both of these skills involve certain artistic execution and at the same time scientific knowledge to understand its intricacy. Nice analysis.

Princess R.

art and computer programming share some similarities in terms of the basic principles by which they operate. This essay is full of insights as to the relationship of the two.

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