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creative writing

Its a creative writing piece emplying non linear structure and post modern concepts.

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Contemplations in Purgatory by Nayven Taouk I am emerged in the essence of nothingness, a realm of surrealness constructed by the unfortunately grim realisation of the concept of life. We live to die, and sure I believe in a transcendent being that will provide us with a whimsical eternality, but the concept that the inevitable fate of life as we know it is for it to diminish, ...

... but escape. The thought of my now attained knowledge will no doubt be again lost in the hedonistic world I lived in, its only hope of preservation is my death, and well that was my plan. My ignorance has left me, enlightened by my surreal experience I open the door. I stand on its threshold and lose myself.
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Art Studies
Benjamin I.

Philosophical, metaphorical and abstract, but its essence is shroud in simplicity. This essay is well-written.

Princess R.

This essay is reflective of "Meditations" of Mencius. Full of philosophical insights.

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