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The main objective of this project is to contribute towards reducing poverty levels among the local communities that depend on forest resources for their livelihood through participatory sustainable management of natural resources by the local communities. Taking forests as the main resource it is easier for us to properly highlight the importance of promoting forest resource conservation.

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FOREST CONSERVATION. Introduction In many parts of Africa the natural forests and bush lands are retreating in response to the growing need for land for cultivation and settlements. It has now become widely accepted that trees and shrubs are a vitally important resource in these new agricultural areas and other institutions. The conservation and management of forest resources is attracting increasing attention worldwide. The management and maintenance of existing forests is the most effective approach in terms of maintaining carbon reservoirs, costs and ecological services, strategies to manage and maintain the existing forests have the advantage of immediate beneficial impacts as against the longer-term benefits from new forestations. Forest management in Kenya has been characterized by extensive government involvement with little if any involvement of other stakeholders. This has resulted in forest degradation and deforestation through unsustainable exploitation and utilization of the resource. The country’s valuable dense forests have been reduced to open woodlands and ...

... naturally existing ones. Torch of conservation campaign The Kenya Organization of Environmental Education will coordinate this educative and integral activity. There will be formation of action groups e.g. Students Of Nature And Peace(SOAP),the groups shall identify a particular endangered species to identify themselves with and promote its conservation. The group that shall have achieved the highest results at the end of a specified period shall be awarded the torch. Community groups shall also have the same competitions, which are believed, shall stimulate action and help in creating awareness. Evaluation Both ongoing and Terminal evaluation shall be carried out during the lifetime of this project
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