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Youth perceptions on human security

The essay is my perception on human security in africa relying on contributions of various scholars. Freedom from fear and from want are generally adopted as threats to security, yet this work examined other factors.

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Preview of the essay: Youth perceptions on human security

ABSTRACT The end of the Cold War is often seen as the moment human security gained recognition, because of the belief that with the relaxation of ideological hostilities between the US and the USSR in the early 1990s, real progress could be made to address the root causes of global insecurity. The field of human security is a field of societal relevance, which walks away from the traditional national security that has the state as its central focus to the level of inclusive well being of all individual human beings thus it is termed, people-centred rather than state-centred. Human Security is a condition and consequence of human development. It cannot meaningfully exist without variables like human and social development, conflict resolution and human rights- all being fields of social change- so also these fields of social change cannot meaningfully exist without human security. Any progress made in one, without attention to the others, risk being sub- optimal since people who live in situations of extreme deprivation often face all these conditions simultaneously. As a problem area which takes on many of the challenges and concerns of the African region, human security, notwithstanding its criticisms, requires focus and salience to ...

... “youth’s perception of human security.” Africa is in her transition period into modernity, western social scientists and their indigenous students would say. This, to an extent, is true thus we find that various regions in Africa are befallen with one conflict or the other. As the “Dialectical Theory of Development” holds that the contradictions which make development unattainable in society be resolved, so the human security aims at tackling what are referred to as the threats to security- likely to result to conflict- from poverty, hunger, ignorance to diseases, etc. In the first place, the youths, not old men and little children, are the ones that are conscripted into the military in times when conflicts turn wars. The human security therefore believes that the youths, going by the level of their brain activity, are more opened to psycho- political strategy, advocacy, education, even actions relating to issues, concerns and challenges impacting security. For human security to work in Africa, all hands must be on deck. Government, individuals, the mass media, diplomatic corps, NGOs, private sector, international organizations- we encourage international partnerships and collaborations- must come together as in a forum to decide the way forward for the African continent.
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