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Marketing research

This paper is a marketing research that looks at the decision information that can be used by marketing managers whereby it studies GIS Inc. It outline the processes required in the research in order to understand the mode of operation of GIS Inc and finally giving out research recommendations

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Research Methodology 1
Research Findings 2
Research Conclusions 4
Research Recommendations 4
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MARKETING RESEARCH Introduction Marketing research is a flexible approach to providing marketing managers with certain kinds of decision information. Since marketing research is flexible, it can be used to provide both routine and non-routine internal and as well external information that consist characteristics needed in “good” decision information. (pp18) unfolds that nearly all organizations employ marketing research to increase the decision making effectiveness of their business managers. It is also an ...

... while differentiation focus will be maximizing special needs of consumers of GIS online courses in also selected areas. These are areas poorly served by the competitors. They could also comprise areas in which competitors of GIS Inc have been underperforming in meeting needs of particular segments.
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