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Individual development

This term paper is mainly going to cover research of the social development as well as the process of transformation at conception and persists in the whole of the life cycle of an individual.

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INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT Adolescence can be defined as the developmental phase that is characterized by the time of change from childhood to early adulthood, starting nearly at ten to twelve years of age and finishing in the range of eighteen to twenty years of age. It starts with fast physical transformations. There is observable sudden accumulation of heights and weights, alterations in the body configuration and the growth of sexual features like in the increase in the size of breasts, growth of hair related with pubic and face and ...

... understands. Hunt for the most appropriate ways of accomplishing this mission accounts for bigger percentage of the study in the area of child development (Brunk, 2001).
In conclusion, we can say that socialization can therefore be described as a learning- teaching process that, when successful of achieved, results in the human beings organism’s evolving from its childhood state of dependent but entire egocentricity to its perfect adult state of reasonable conformity together with independent creativity.
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