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The following paper provides an overview of the necessity of an information system and the necessary hardware and software that is required for its smooth facilitation. It will show us the relationship of an organization structure to the information system and the impact of the use of information system.

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Table of contents

Executive Summary on [Vista Information System] 1
Organizational Structure 2
Inputs and Outputs 4
Organizational Usage 5
Organizational Impact 6
Hardware and Software 8
Recommended Improvements 9
Conclusion 10
References 11

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Executive Summary on [Vista Information System]
An Information System is software that effects user applications. Its management brings out the idea of Information Architecture which is but a general scheme of an organization’s information requirements which will largely determine how an organization uses an information system. Information architecture determines the kind of information infrastructure adopted by an organization (Loucopoulos, 1992). Information infrastructure constitute of computer ...

... type of acquired system support gadgets have lead to an impact on cost the running of an organization. This has a direct impact on the organisation’s success. The quality of the output has also been affected by the hardware made use of, which is the quality of the hard or soft copy of the output.
The management of the information system is also imperative as new needs arise in a day to day basis. For instance this can be seen by the recommendations made on the amendment of Vista. Therefore system management personnel should be acquired by every organization.
In conclusion, information systems are a must have software for every institution as it makes the life of employees and customers easy.
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