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Composition for an interview at Starbucks Corporation with Coffee Costumers

This is a composition write up of an interview of Starbucks Corporation which is an international coffee and also a coffeehouse chain United States of America. it looks at the historical and growth of the corporation. The essay further discusses on an interview carried out among its customers in order to understand reasons why this place has boomed that much

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Preview of the essay: Composition for an interview at Starbucks Corporation with Coffee Costumers

COMPOSITION FOR AN INTERVIEW AT STARBUCKS CORPORATION WITH COFFEE COSTUMERS The Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) is a large international coffee and also a coffeehouse chain that is based in Seattle, Washington, in the United States of America. Michelli (p23) asserts that Starbucks is in fact considered to be the largest coffeehouse company in the whole world, with sixteen thousand, one hundred and twenty stores in forty nine countries, including approximately eleven thousand in the United States of America, followed by closely one thousand in Canada and more than eight hundred in Japan. Starbucks sells variety of drinks such as espresso-based hot drinks, drip brewed coffee, snacks, some other hot and cold drinks, and some other items like mugs and even coffee beans. ...

... Starbucks coffee shop is not only a place where the sweetest black coffee can be obtained but also a very important site for spending leisure time and even holds meetings. Therefore anybody who feels like he wants to refresh her or himself should visit Starbucks coffee shop. Therefore government and all other people should provide this shop with financial support so that it can expand employ more people and also increases accommodation and resting sites (Schultz, p32).
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