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The contract of employment

This paper looks at contract in employment whereby it starts by defining what a contact is, the requirements and terms of a contract i.e. the working period, salary, qualifications e.t.c the paper also reviews some of the major laws and regulations governing the activity of contact and employment

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THE CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT In law, contract is the same as agreement. A verbal contract is just as binding as a written contract apart from dealings in land and property. The problem is that it is regularly very difficult to confirm the terms of a verbal contract if the other person fails to fulfill his word. Each side has to give something of value for it so as a contract to be binding. This may be in form of money, goods, a promise or anything value money to the ...

... in the circumstances. The tribunal not tries inventing terms in respect of non-compulsory requirements. For example, if an employee goes claiming his or her sick pay during a lengthy stay out and according to the contract, it is found that there is nothing related to that, and also nothing can be removed from the neighboring circumstances, the tribunal may not be in a position of making a decision that the employee need to have been given the sick pay in the period of his or her absence.
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The contract of employment serves as the law between the parties. In case of conflict it should at first be resolved amicably. Otherwise, resort to the court will be made.

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