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Discuss on Capitalism and the Communist Manifesto

This essay has discussed on capitalism and the communist manifesto whereby it starts by defining capitalism and looking at it closely. Further the paper looks at critics on capitalism from various people i.e Pope Leo XIII’s, Marx criticism and finally looking at the possible solutions to social problems of capitalism

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 1
1.1 Pope Leo XIII’s criticism on capitalism 2
1.2 Marx criticism on capitalism 4
1.3 Solutions to the social problems of capitalism 5
1.4 References 7

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Capitalism can be defined as the social system which now existing in almost all nations of the world. In this system, the means for the production and the distribution of goods such as technology, land, factories, transport system and many more are owned by a small group of influential or minority of people. The people belonging to this group are referred to as the capitalist class. Remigius (p26) says that the majority of the people have got ...

... branches of socialism in Europe. Josef (p56) states that while Marx pushed for the abolishment of the right of property ownership, Pope Leo was strongly opposed to this ideal and maintained his position that everyone has the right to own property, and by trying to abolish this principle or rule, it would mean that the rightful owners of properties will be robbed off their rightful acquired property or belongings.
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Princess R.

The many criticism on communism is without basis. Capitalism has its good sides but capitalism has some eviltries which people do not recognize.

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