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The Maltese Falcon

This essay has discussed about “The Maltese Falcon” film whereby it analyses various scenes that are played to audiences to pass different messages, therefore the paper has looked at various scenes and their applications.

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The Maltese Falcon In the film “The Maltese Falcon”, the scenes work individually to tie the main themes of the movie together, through the use of perspective, angle shots and different images in each of the scenes are also abilities to describe the main ideals to the audience. The movie techniques that are used describe the tension that is used throughout the movie, with the separate ideals representing this same tension. This is significant not only in the different points where information is revealed, but also in transition point that led the audience to the answers about the film. The first part that shows this is the point whereby Sam and Brigid walk into the apartment to find the villains ...

... pin points what Sam knows about the situation and stops the tension building so the true story can be revealed. This particular set of details allows Brigid to come clear with what is happening. Because the tension and cut has slowed down, the music stops and the camera angle remains in the same position, showing the headshots of both characters throughout the scene and while the talking takes priority.
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Benjamin I.

This essay has a very detailed, substantial and informative discussion. Nice write-up!

Princess R.

The author of this essay was able to provide readers like me a clear picture of the movie malthese Falcon. Admirable one...

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